Save Money

Supplement your existing diet with new flavours and free versions of supermarket foods.

The truth is, that it would be very hard to survive on foraged food all year round, but foraging for survival can be very interesting; However, I forage to add interesting new flavours and nutrients into my daily diet. In doing so, I also reduce my food bill. The more greens, roots, fruit and spices that I happen to pick up while I’m out, the less I spend in the shops.

have fun, get well

Learn about the plants, fungi and seaweed you can eat and use; All the while improving your well-being by spending time with nature.

It never ceases to amaze me just how much goodness there is in foraged food compared to intensively farmed produce. Over the years our crops have been selected and cross-bred for disease and pest resistance, for their looks and to increase sweetness; Yet along the way, so many micronutrients have been lost and those micronutrients go a long way toward keeping us fit and healthy.

connect with nature

It’s a proven fact that being around trees and plants increases mindfulness and makes us feel better, but also appreciate your food more when you’ve foraged it yourself.

Entire industries have sprung up around mindfulness and forest bathing (or shinrin yoku), but foraging helps you to achieve mindfulness whilst exposing you to forest bathing as an accidental benefit, all the while you’re collecting your food and medicine from nature.

The Forager Helper

Improve your plant, tree, fungus and seaweed knowledge with the Forager Helper

  • Monographs
  • Courses
  • Recipes and downloadable recipe cards
  • Videos
  • A foraging community

Register with the Forager Helper to improve your skills and to always have help at hand.

Online Courses

Many online courses to improve your knowledge and skills


Online courses for foraging related subjects


eBooks for many, many plants


Helpful foragers codes and rules

Foraging Experiences

A range of face-to-face walks and courses

Our public courses include:

  • a 3 hour Introduction to Foraging Walk, with samples and tasters of foraged items,
  • the 4 hour Forage and Feast, which includes a full picnic of pre-made food and drink including foraged ingredients,
  • and the 6 hour Forage and Dine, which includes a cooked meal and dessert which you help to forage, prepare and cook,
  • workshops for detailed information and making of specific plants and/or products.

We also run private courses/walks for families, hen/stag parties, companies, etc.

What our customers say

Thanks for for an incredibly informative and enjoyable day learning with you on Sunday.  I had no idea what treasures were hidden right under our noses in Golders Hill Park!  I learned a lot and am eager to keep learning more.
The foods that you prepared and shared with us were absolutely amazing!  We really enjoyed sampling everything and I know a huge amount of work must go into preparing everything.  It was a very special feast and we’re so grateful for the time and effort you put into it.
Just yesterday morning I was thinking, I could really use a warm cup of dandelion root tea right now!
Thank you again for everything and we hope to see you again for another wild learning adventure.
And also thank you for the great summary of the items that we saw on our walk in your email!  It definitely refreshes my memory and will help me to remember what we learned.  Thank you again.

Honestly that was one of the best weekends I can remember in a long long time.  We all loved it.  This weekend we’re going back and learning and experiencing more. Thanks for offering this service and sharing your knowledge with us.

Thanks so much for the follow up and sending through all the info as promised. I really enjoyed the foraging last Saturday, such a great way to start the weekend and I learnt so much. It’s one thing to know all the chemistry and application of the plants but nothing quite beats getting out there and seeing them in person.

Many thanks for the information you gave us. I hope that it will help me to understand more about those plants and to use them in my normal life. I notice there are still so many things to catch with experience, mainly about how to identify the correct plant, and what exactly to do with what part of it etc… Hope to be able to meet you again.

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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