A long time ago…

Original people took their food and medicine from what was around them. Modern people knew a little about which plants and trees could help with their ailments, but there was usually a medicine-person nearby with specialist knowledge. As time went on, people got most of their medicine from doctors and pharmacies, supplementing that with a little “folk knowledge” that may have been passed down to them. Nowadays very few people know how to safely find and prepare their own remedies at all, and we’re missing out on some amazing medicinal plants and preparations which come from nature, and generally have less harmful side-effects and risks.

Herbal medicine is seeing a surge in interest; However the information being shared in online groups can be conflicting, overwhelming and sometimes just plain wrong!

Now, more than ever we need a simple reference site that we can trust, and which has plenty of the sort of information that we need.

Welcome to the

Wild Herbalist Helper

Modern medicine sometimes has its roots in wild medicine, but in order to make money, pharmaceutical companies have to discover the active ingredient in a remedy, isolate it, copyright it and sell it. In doing so, they often remove the natural protective compounds found in the plants and we end up having to take other medicine to make up for that. No-one can blame pharmaceutical companies for this aspect, they have to make money from all the work that they do; But increasing amounts of people are wondering if we should return to the original remedies that caused less problems.

The Wild Herbalist Helper is for anyone who wants to know more about which plants, trees, fungus and seaweed can be used safely, responsibly, and sustainably foraged, what to do with it once you have it, and especially how to avoid the things that can cause you harm. There are literally thousands of herb/plant remedies out there, lots of things you can buy, even kitchen cupboard herbs, but the focus here is on herbs/plants that you can find and harvest/cultivate locally. By locally, we mean southern UK which means that anywhere with a similar climate should also be applicable.

The Wild Herbalist Helper is for all levels of forager, from newcomers just wanting to know a little about it, to people who want to supplement their medication with some free, wild remedies, all the way to preppers and survivalists who want to know how to survive on wild medications alone. 


What exactly is the

Wild Herbalist Helper?

The amazing features of The Wild Herbalist Helper includes:

The Herb Selector

To help you to find the herbs that you need, the Herb selector allows you to filter the monographs by constituents, herbal actions, body systems, energetics, preparations and more.

Recorded foraging walks

There really is no substitute for a face-to-face foraging walk with an expert, but for those times when you just can’t get out, we have recorded some walks which you can watch at your leisure.

Video preparations and downloadable recipe cards

It’s all well and good knowing what’s safe to use and what isn’t, but what can you do with it? We have a series of preparation videos and downloadable cards to get you started.

Many, many monographs

A monograph is a collection of information about one specific tree, plant, seaweed or fungus. Each monograph has information on how to identify, harvest and use each subject. Also included is botanical classifications, dangerous lookalikes to watch out for, other uses, historical uses and food uses. Medicinal information includes Herbal actions, Constituents, Energetics, Body systems, Uses, Preparations and more.

Discounted face-to-face foraging courses

Being a member of The Wild Herbalist Helper entitles you to a 10% discount off any foraging course booked with Found Food.

Why join Wild Herbalist Helper?

The Wild Herbalist Helper is designed for both those who really want to dive into wild medicine, as well as for those who just want to dabble.

The Wild Herbalist Helper is for people who want to:

  • Gain confidence with ongoing help from a supportive community and make foraging for medicine way less overwhelming.
  • Research and reference trees, plants, seaweed and fungi on a well-curated and beautifully designed site.
  • Begin learning about wild medicine and look for a well-designed system.
  • Create an inexpensive home study program (on a number of topics)
  • Complement a school or program they are already enrolled in.
  • Spend a little bit of their free time deepening their wild herbal medicine knowledge.

HOW you use The Wild Herbalist Helper is totally up to you.

Get inspired and learn from experts with our courses, videos, articles and monographs.

Get help and support when you need it.

Join the Wild Herbalist Helper community now

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We’re working hard on finalising the content for the Wild Herbalist Helper and we hope to have it ready soon. In the meantime, please leave your details below and we’ll keep you informed.

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